Friday, May 30, 2008


Today's Petfinder pick of the day is brought to you by the letter R... for Ranger!

One of the few dogs on Petfinder with a decent description, here's his description in the shelter's own words.
Ranger is a 1 year old, blue merle, Australian Shepherd mixed boy. He has all of the Aussie smarts, boundless energy and is just bursting with puppy love. He is a blank slate just waiting for some direction to shape him into the best doggie a boy could be! He enjoys the company of other dogs and can live with a kitty-friend. He has basic obedience, and would be a fun 4-H project or at learning new things. Ranger is neutered, current on vaccines, is crate and house trained and is all set to go home with you!

I don't know about the "4-H" project bit, but that's not his fault. He sounds like a real keeper. You should consider adopting since I can't until the house is sold. :-)

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