Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Releases in Dog-Land

My friends and co-workers at Amazon recently built a great new feature. Internally, we called it "Watch List," but externally it is under the heading of "Artist & Author Recommendations." If you're curious, you can try it out for yourself here: Recommended For You.

In the past, this is how I found out about Jean Donaldson's new book, Oh Behave!.

Today I am excited to report that my recommendations have yet another tempting book, Why Do Dogs Like Balls?: More Than 200 Canine Quirks, Curiosities, and Conundrums Revealed.

I already have two of Margaret Bonham's books: Introduction to Dog Agility and Having Fun With Agility. They're both pretty good. (FWIW, I like her Intro book more than her Having Fun book.)

That said... Grete LOVES BALLS, and so I'm sorely tempted to pre-order this. I'm dying to know why Grete is so ball obsessed. And as an added bonus, I'll get to find out what other 199 canine conundrums they reveal! Da-dun-dah!

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