Tuesday, October 9, 2007

please... make it stop

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Customer Images on Amazon


I've always felt that Bark in Ballard is a bit... overrated. They're nice there, but every time I'm there, I end up feeling rushed in some weird way. Perhaps they're too attentive. Perhaps I feel like an outsider since I'm not a "regular." It's just weird. Also, I think it's around 70 degrees in there. After the first 10 minutes, I'm roasting in my jacket, and I lose interest in their merchandise. Despite this, I went there on Sunday after class at Ahimsa on a whim. Oddly enough, despite Grete only having been there once back in August, the woman claimed to remember her. Again, they're so nice, but...

Here's the real clincher for me though. I broke down and bought Grete the skunk costume I had been eying on the Amazon website. Petco was completely picked over, and since the costume is only sold by third-party merchants, I couldn't quite bring myself to buy it from Amazon.
The Little Stinker.

If you do the math, I can get it for $13.45 with shipping.

The Bark price? ... $17.99

Ok. So maybe that doesn't seem like much more. But let's get back to the fact that these are super cheesy costumes that are barely worth the third party merchant's price of $8.96 (pre-shipping.) Somehow, Bark can charge double? I know.. I know.. Supply and demand. After all, I bought it at Bark, but yeah...

Monday, October 1, 2007

35.0 lbs

June 28 - 15.1 lbs
July 14 - 18.5 lbs
August 7 - 24.5 lbs
August 30 - 29.5 lbs
September 29 - 35.0 lbs

~2.9 oz per day. We've definitely slowed down again. I should start taking bets at her final 1 year weight. I'm still hoping for 60, but 50 is looking more likely.