Friday, May 23, 2008

Doggles on Grete

The vet tech said it was ok to use the Doggles -- as long as they stay on and protect her eye from her paws and other dogs.

However, the Doggles are going to take some real adjusting because moments after this picture was taken, Grete easily rubbed them off on Frank's leg. Cory suggested tightening the back strap. I've done that, but I haven't had the heart to put them back on yet.

In other news, I started reading up on corneal ulcers on the web and almost passed out. Seriously. I had to go get some water and open my office window. I just don't do well with eyeball injury discussions.

I was just trying to figure out if the q-tip scrubbing was normal. It seems that they generally only do that for dogs, and sometimes they only do that if it can't heal on its own. It's a little strange that they scrubbed it the first day that we came in, but it is also almost universally agreed that scrubbing will give the cornea a new start at healing properly. Also, I discovered that antibiotics could be applied as much as 4 times daily, and that the 3 times daily is a compromise that most vets seem to reach since most people can't deliver drops in the middle of the work day. In other words, much to Grete's dismay, I can't really overdo it with the drops.

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