Friday, January 18, 2008

Pup Life Rocks

I recently purchased the Easy Walk Harness from Pup Life, but the medium turned out to be too small. Here's what they wrote in their email to my request for sizing info. (I'm in love with this seller, and I want the world to know.)

Thank you for your recent order! I am sorry to learn that the Easy Walk Reflective Harness & Leash Combo you purchased is too small.

Because dogs come in all shapes and sizes, it can sometimes be difficult to get the perfect fit.

The Large Harness has a chest strap that adjusts from 11.5"-16" (ring to ring) The Medium/Large Harness has a chest strap that adjusts from 10.5"-15" (ring to ring)

These measurements reflect the actual chest strap (not the girth measurement which would include the strap that connects to go all the way around the dog).

Here's what I suggest: go online and purchase the Medium/Large Harness. I will send you both the Medium/Large and the Large along with a pre-paid return label to send the Medium and either the M/L or the Large back to us. Once we receive the harnesses that do not fit I can issue a refund (so essentially you'll only end up paying for the harness that fits). One more thing - at 9 months your pup may continue to grow so keep that in mind.

We want your experience to be a great one! If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Woof woof,

Leslie from - Happy, Healthy Dog Supplies

Now, THAT'S great customer service. I really am in love. I wrote back the following:

That sounds perfect! Thank you so much!

I've placed the order for the Medium/Large.
I don't have a Pup Life order id, but I have an Amazon one.
Order Placed: XX order number: XXXX

You are amazing. I really plan to do more business with you in the future.
Thank you!

p.s. I can't stop thinking about how much you rock. I recently placed 4 different orders for pet supplies with 4 different sellers. You were, by far, the fastest. You beat out SitStay, Pets Pro Shop, and even Amazon. If only I had known, I would have ordered my Guardian Gear collapsible crate from you. As it stands, it's late being delivered and I won't have it for class on Sunday, and I'm sad. You've easily won my loyalty with your speed and friendliness. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grete and friends... now famous!

Grisha asked to use Jason's photos from Advanced Puppy. Grete and her friends now have a spot on the Ahimsa website: Advanced Puppy Training Class

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Grete graduates another training class

Grete graduated from Advanced Puppy last night... barely. She kept wandering off to go sniff the corners of Ahimsa's training area. Staying still was extra hard after two weeks off, I think. (We didn't have class over the holidays.)

We start Agility 1 on Sunday at Fuzzy Buddies with Pritamo Kentala, and we have a new Ahimsa class with Grisha Stewart at U Village starting on the 22nd.

Now we just need to find more time and space to practice!