Sunday, April 6, 2008

grete and the gulls

grete had an incredible time at the alpaca ranch. she wasn't allowed near the alpacas, but there was still plenty to sniff around the house. the wind blew the faint scent of farm our way, and grete would often stop, face the alpaca area, and just sniff. the alpacas obviously didn't like her. most of them would stare right back. we ended up doing most of our alpaca watching on the last day from the comfort of the house.

the real highlight of the weekend -- for grete at least -- was the beach. it was a private beach for about 2 miles to the north. we fetched and frolicked on friday and saturday. i let her chase the sky rats to her heart's content. (sky rats == sea gulls.)

on sunday, we went back to double bluff beach, the dog friendly beach across the bay, and went for a long walk. on the way back from the walk, i noticed that the park sign said that the dogs shouldn't harass the wildlife.

i'm really not sure if sea gulls count as wildlife. :P

in any event, i've posted a bunch of pictures of a very happy grete here and in my flickr. (my favorites are here.) i also took some video of her running.

if you want to see other mostly-non-grete pictures from the weekend, the tag is "alpaca ranch weekend".

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