Thursday, April 3, 2008


An alpaca in Cusco, Peru
Image from Wikipedia

Tomorrow,Grete and I are heading up to the Maxwelton Aerie Alpaca Ranch for a retreat with the girls. (BTW, the ranch isn't normally dog friendly, but I spoke with Bill on the phone, and he is reasonable if you're a responsible owner.) I'm really not sure how Grete will react to the alpacas, but I will be keeping her on leash near them. Odds are she will go into "slinking mode" like she does with the crows. As long as the alpacas don't suddenly take flight, we'll be ok. :-)

Bill also said that I can have her off-leash on the beach behind the house where the alpacas can't see us. I can't wait to see her frolic in the sand like she did at Marymoore. The last time she was on a real beach, she was just a puppy. I'm sure driftwood tastes just as good as a teenager -- if not better.

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