Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Updates and play dates

So much has changed in the past few months... I've switched jobs so Grete no longer comes to work with me. I had surgery in late October so I was out for a week of agility. Then I hurt my ankle and I was gimpy for a week. Then Grete cut her paw in early December so she was out for two weeks of agility. Then Christmas and New Years... and -BANG- here we are in 2010.

Because of the job change and because of Grete, I tried working a shorter day in the office and tried to work from home more, but that was hard on both of us. She doesn't understand working from home. And she really don't understand why she's not with me 24/7. To be honest, some deep emotional part of me doesn't understand it either.

We've hired a dog walker to give Grete and our neighbor's adorable little puppy some R&R / playtime in the middle of the day.

And the good news for you, my dear reader, is that our dog walker blogs so you can continue to get your Grete fix when I've been slacking!

You can read about Grete and Rusty's play dates here: http://www.little-furry-things.com/grete-and-rusty/.

More on our agility exploits in 2010... I promise.

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