Sunday, January 31, 2010

Twisty Turns and Discrimination Tests

Twisty Turns and Discrimination Tests

Saturday's course contained a discrimination test at the very beginning (the tunnel versus the dog walk) and some twisty serpentine moves.

Grete and I did pretty well on both our runs. The first one I didn't call her to me enough so she blew past the second jump toward the tunnel/dog walk, but she got the really hard part of the jump sequence. (You can hear Cloudine say "Good puppy" right after she gets it.)

On the second run, we tried to work on those first two jumps. I think it was a little stressful for Grete. She hates jumping into me, and I need to work on that. After the stress, she started sniffing around and Cloudine zerberted her a bit and that got her little fire running. She and I missed the hard part of the jump serpentine, but that was due to my timing.

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Jen & Gigi said...

Serpentine in the first vid is not bad. Good job. It's hard, I think Gigi missed one of the 3 jumps in 1 of our run... she did great with the weaves, so that's good. haha. It's a fun course.