Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday Practice Videos

I'm behind on uploading videos of our practices at the barn, and I have to run take a shower right now, so I promise to add more commentary later, but for now, in all their HD glory, here are two separate visits to Rivendale, taken with the D90 strapped to a chair via the DSLR gorillapod.


Jen & Gigi said...

Hey, that's great. I love how clear your video is... and your course there is awesome. I personally don't enjoy too many front crosses in 1 courses, gives me motion sickness. lol.

Michelle said...

Miranda loves watching the videos of Grete. She keeps asking when Grete will come here.

Jim Page said...

I don't know whether to be jealous of your cool dog, cool camera or your youthful ability to be able to run around like that. Either way, great work with Grete! Excuse me while I go research D90's. : )