Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Practice iPhone photo

I was lazy today and didn't bring the D90 to practice. Actually, it was more than that. Since the D90 only takes 5 minute videos and since they're huge, I have soon found two things to be true:
(1) Running up and down the loft stairs takes away from the time I can spend listening to my instructor do her instructy thing.
(2) I can only really record my runs. One card is not enough for everyone. (That's how my first video got cut off.)

Jason promises to come to practice one of these days and be my camera man. :-)

In any event, here's my iPhone photo of Val and Luna zipping to the tunnel. This was after a table stay for a start, and 4 wing jumps set on a diagonal line. This was a lot harder than it looked because of the wing jumps. All the dogs wanted to go to their handlers and were a little hesitant to go away from the handlers to take the jumps.

That said, this was super fun because it was the first time that Grete and I really got to RUN together. As in, I had to RUN LIKE MAD. It was seriously fun. I wish we could do this more. I totally need a barn in my backyard!!

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Jen said...

This course was hard. I was so out of breath and with Gigi barking and all that... lol.