Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In other news... More Clickriver randomness.

I've turned my Clickriver ads back on. However, I think because I have one ad in "Appealed," my most recent ad is in pending. I've been blacklisted! I'm a troublemaker! A rebel without a cause!

Here's the pending ad.
love dog agility?
meta grete - a blog about a dog
sometimes we talk about training :)

Here's the appealed ad.
a blog about a dog
meta grete - chatter about agility,
treats, and a dog's life...

And here are the two ads that have snuck past them...
Meta Grete
A blog about a dog
Reviews, Agility shop talk, etc

Meta Grete
Tips on dog agility, dog training,
Reviews of dog treats, dog products

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