Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Damn you, Baby Legs.

I'm sad to report the baby legs, although bad ass and punk and cute all at the same time, are a complete failure at keeping the baggie over the dewclaw.

So... a quick recap.

On Wednesday the 15th, Grete ripped her left dewclaw right in half. Read more about that here.

On Monday, she had her bandage removed. That was supposed to be a good thing. However, now we're tasked with keeping the dewclaw dry as it heals. In Seattle, this is turning out to be a huge freeeekin' pain in the ass.

We tried small hair bands yesterday, but they kept slipping down. It was painful getting them on and off, not only for me but for Grete as well. She would get all wide eyed and stare off into space and pant from the stress. I would start to curse and get more and more frustrated as we tried to make it around the block. Stopping every 10-20 feet to put the damn things back on. Not a good scene.

A friend had the idea of using baby tights. We settled on "Baby Legs" because they were 1 day Amazon Prime shippable and cool. They arrived this morning. This picture was taken before they made their maiden voyage around the block at work.

It was almost as much of a failure as the rubber bands. The baggies are just too damn slippery. The leg warmers can stay on, and she'll step on the baggie and rip it right out from under the leg warmers. They also slide down, despite being hooked around her elbow.

We're going to resort to medical tape soon. What we really need is a baggie that has garter straps of some kind that we can hook to her harness. 9 more days of this.... The vet techs were somewhat (but not really) sympathetic.

Life isn't going so well right now. I just need to be able to frolic with my dog, and I can't.

Damn you, Baby Legs. Damn you.


Reverend0 said...

No good way to attach the baby legs to a baggie? What about sewing them together?

Adriane said...

Have you tried the kind of tape they use to wrap your arm after you give blood? It's usually brightly colored and it sticks to itself, but it won't stick to her fur. I have some at home (in case we ever need it for Penny) that you're welcome to use if you like.

:q! said...

1) I almost broke out the sewing machine last night... but didn't. I'm lazy.

2) I tried taping the baggie directly to her fur yesterday. It just ripped out a bit of fur when she stepped on the baggie. I will have to try taping tightly around her leg if things keep failing me.

Adriane said...

I found a link to the tape, it's called Vetrap