Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Eureka! (Or why I am enamored with Team Small Dog)

I finally figured out why I am completely "give me back my f'n heroin needles now damn it" addicted to Team Small Dog. It was when she started talking about Derrida, Donna Haraway, and Greg Derrett all in one entry that it hit me. At the possible risk of offending Laura, Team Small Dog is where dog agility meets The Gilmore Girls. Oh how I loved the Gilmore Girls... And now I can simply crib from wikipedia to tell you why I like Team Small Dog.
Gilmore Girls Team Small Dog features intricate, extremely fast-paced dialogue, with frequent popular-culture references and allusions to politics and high culture.
Oh how I love Team Small Dog.

Don't get me wrong. I love other dog blogs. I've been meaning to post an entry about the blogs I've been following, but I haven't made the time. Soon... Soon I will share with you the joy of blogs such as Elite Forces of Fuzzy Destruction and Johann. I promise.


team small dog said...

Team Small Dog has just run across this review-and is most highly honored by this comparison. As long as we are being compared to any season of GG except for the final one where the writing went so very, very south.

:q! said...

RE: The final season of GG... I couldn't agree more. :-)