Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lap time > Danger of sleeping dog

Oddly enough, spending the day at work on Friday set Grete back a bit when it comes to Gesso. She's getting more adventurous overall, and as a result, she thinks she can get away with more when it comes to pestering the cat. Gesso is being a good sport about it, and she still has her values straight. For example, lap time still trumps dog hassle. Also, the chance to chomp on grass currently outweighs the danger of puppy antics.

Since I really want Grete to understand that Gesso is off limits, I'm really trying to discourage chasing. (Gesso can totally fend for herself, but she's getting older, and I want her retirement to be a pleasant one.) Grete seems to have a spectrum of states, and depends on the state she's in, the more or less effect a given technique will have. For example, if she's in her calm or semi-docile state, a simple light-hearted "leave it" totally suffices. If she's in her demon state of too much pent-up energy, I go through "leave it" and then escalate to a firmer "that's enough" and finally... I've attempted the shake can. To be honest, I'm really not a fan of the shake can. It doesn't always get her attention, and Gesso doesn't like it either.

I think my current tactic will be to give calm attention to both when Grete is in her "good" state. If she's in her "demon" state, we'll try to get to "good" by taking a walk or playing fetch in the back yard. However, if that doesn't work, I think I'll start leaving her leash on her in the house so that I can stop her and lead her to something else fun when she starts to chase.

Thoughts? Suggestions always welcome.

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