Monday, May 11, 2009

Teeter-totter Temptations

Grete and I are having trouble with the teeter or see-saw. Since we don't have one at home, our practice (and thus our progress) is limited. For a while, I tried putting the board across the two couches at home, but even that was too scary for her. (Too much wobble?)

I did some research online tonight, and I'm still not sure what to do next. We might make our existing 8' board into a mini teeter with a 12" pvc base similar to this but without the ability to disassemble the board. That might help, but eventually, Grete is going to have to learn that a competition teeter isn't a scary thing.

However, real teeters are huge. They're normally 12 feet long.

This is why I'm just lusting after the one that Dog Agility USA sells.

It folds down! I could carry it. $450 is still a really, really steep price tag though. Belated birthday present for Grete's 2nd birthday?

I also like the seriousness of the J&J Dog supplies competition teeter. The base is $265 so that is a little better. We would have to make a new plank though. Maybe we could make a nice heavy plank that folds and locks with rubber chips and still come in under $300?

Both of these serious teeters here have tension adjustment. I think that might be super useful someday, but I'm not sure.


Reverend0 said...

What about a kids playground? Or is that off limits to dogs? Of course, I am not sure they even have see-saws anymore given how "dangerous" they are. Just trying to think of solutions. The real key is to make sure it doesn't slip out of position. Just need a part that looks lie:
_ _


Jen & Gigi said...

I don't think Grete would care to have a teeter for birthday gift. lol.