Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Argus Ranch

There's a place down past Auburn called Argus Ranch. It's not really a ranch though -- it's doggie nirvana.

On the 6th, Grete and I made the trek down there for a fun run. We aren't quite ready for all the sorts of equipment there, so we just watched. FWIW, Grete has not yet been introduced to the A-Frame, the teeter, or the dog walk -- but soon she will meet all three as our class advances to a bigger location out in Woodinville. I can't wait.

Anyway... Back to our visit to Argus Ranch.... Grete loved it. She took it all in, standing on her hind legs, looking over the short wall onto the course as other dogs ran. Every once in a while, she looked back at me as if to say, "When do I get to try that??"

Sadly, the barn is very, very dark. I got a handful of blurry pictures of Jen and Gigi, and one shot of Grete looking excited. Maybe next time I'll bring the SLR and try a high ISO HD video. Here's the set.

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