Tuesday, November 18, 2008

seattle dog walkers

A while back, we looked into a doggie daycare. It just wasn't right for us. I'm too much of a germaphobe, and I also don't like the dogs are left to entertain themselves with each other. (I also hate dog walkers at dog parks with a passion -- too many dogs (with someone OTHER than their owner) for too few people.)

Believe it or not, I would prefer someone come to the house in the middle of the day and just take Grete for a good long walk. It's cleaner and safer, and it's guaranteed 1-on-1 attention.

I keep meaning to look into Seattle dog walkers so that I have that as a fall-back plan if I can't take Grete to work. (Doctor's appointments and job changes do happen after all. :P)

Here's my first cut at a list. Any thoughts? Additions? Subtractions?

Rain City Pets
1/2 hour rates:
2 walks a week: $20 per walk
3-4 walks a week: $19 per walk
5 walks a week: $18 per walk

Dawg Dayz
1/2 hour rates:

Little Furry Things
1/2 hour rates:
1 dog $18
1 dog, 5 days a week, $85
1 hour rates:
1 to 2 dogs $33
1 to 2 dogs, 5 days a week, $155

Waggy Dogs
30min- $19/dog, $3/exra dog
1hour - $29/dog, $5/extra dog

Seattle Green Dogs
Private Walks/Hikes
$35 for an hour walk in your neighborhood.

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