Thursday, September 4, 2008

Grete is no longer amused by the "party hat"

I think Jason is right. She was no longer amused by the "party hat" -- or by the whole bathing experience. The funny thing is... When she was a puppy, she didn't seem to mind baths quite as much. I think that I fell out of practice (and thus she forgot about them being an ok thing) and I think her trip to the groomers put the fear of shower-heads into her. Don't get me wrong. The groomers we went to -- top notch. She just seemed a little more ... timid ... about baths after her professional salon experience a couple months back. I haven't quite had the heart to take her back there.

In any event, so many good photos were taken tonight. You should check the rest of them out in Jason's flickr.

And with that... we bid you goodnight!

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