Saturday, March 29, 2008

The X-Rays

After talking to Dr. Aimee Smith this morning, we decided to go through with the x-rays to give me the piece of mind that I think I needed. I dropped Grete off around 10:00. They took care of her until noon when the x-rays were done. Dr. Smith gave me the good news around 2:15. Grete was coming out of sedation, looking around, and at first inspection, the x-rays looked great. Dr. Smith also tried to manipulate various joins while Grete was under sedation, and she found absolutely nothing abnormal. At 2:45, I zipped over to Elliot Bay Animal Hospital. There, Dr. Smith walked me through each part of the x-ray. Again, it all looked good, but she was going to have another doctor, Dr. Kramer, give a second opinion. More on Monday, but at this point, thing sound perfect. (This means that the limp was probably just a tiny little soft tissue damage too small to see or a minor sprain/strain.)

It's 4:30 now, and Grete is still quite groggy. They had to put gooey drops in her eyes to keep them moist during sedation so she looks like she's been crying. It's pretty rough for me to see her look so sad and tired, but I'm elated to know that her x-rays were so beautiful. Because I was thinking about getting a Bernese Mountain Dog before I got her, I know more than the average Joe about things like hip dysplasia. When I saw how well seated her hips were, I felt so happy. She's got great hips. I saw them. They're beautiful. Her back vertebra were beautifully spaced as well. Ankles? Great. In short, Grete is still my "perfect" dog.


Reverend0 said...

Woo hoo!

Great news.

cafejay said...

They say folks get dogs just like themselves. ;-)