Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Perils of Pig Skin

Monday night, I fed Grete a Pork Chomps pig skin chew. Tuesday around 5 am, she puked it and her dinner up. Later that same day, she puked again. She didn't want to eat all day. Last night, she reluctantly ate some chicken, and I thought she was on the mend.

Today, I called the vet just to see if there was some OTC medicine I could give her to ease her obviously troubled stomach.

She's now on the bland diet and Pepcid regimen for 3-5 days.

The goal is to get her to eat about 3 cups of cottage cheese and 3 cups of rice per day. She also gets 5 mg of Pepcid every 12 hours.

She's taken her first pill with the help of a pill pocket, and she's licked up about a tablespoon of food.

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cafejay said...

She's okay now! Butt wiggle and bounding bounce are back. Though, her breath is, well, unkissable; must be the 'bland diet'. Poor girl... no kisses on Valentine's Day for Grete.