Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Grete by the numbers

In case you're thinking about getting a dog, here is a current snapshot of Grete's monetary cost during the first 40 days we've been together.

$120 to the shelter (Some of which I'll get back when she's spayed.)
$28.90 to the ferries (To pick her up)

$597.32 to Elliott Bay Animal Hospital (Exams, shots, fecal tests, medicines)

$302.52 to All the Best (First crate, first leash, first everything...)

$95.34 to Four Legs Good (Food)

$239.50 to Petco (Second crate, first pen, a couple toys)

$199.00 to Ahimsa (Training / Socialization)

$251.62 to Mud Bay (Spoiling - Toys and Treats)

$75.14 to Railey's (Spoiling - Toys and Treats)

[ $??.?? to the gas companies for picking her up and shuttling her around ]

[ $??.?? from others who have bought her presents ]

Grand [Known] Total So Far: $1909.34

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